Welcome to Lille Gaucho!!!

Lille Gaucho, a typical Danish countryside small farm, is located on a northern little corner of the island of Zealand, in Denmark. Founded in 1922, the farm is between Helsinge and Raagelaje.

Its name comes after blending Spanish and Danish languages as a way of picturing the Danish and Argentine roots of the Pirovano-Olsen family who owns the property. Lille is "little" in Danish and Gaucho is the traditional cattleman of Argentina. Currently, not many Gauchos can be found in Argentina but for centuries Gauchos were a major character of rural Argentina who made their living out of taking care of the wild cattle that used to graze the huge Argentine Pampas. Today the Gaucho has become a symbol of National pride and freedom.


After ten years in Argentina, in June 2012, Lise-Lotte and Pancho Pirovano purchased Lille Gaucho with the purpose of making a long lasting dream come true, to establish a cultural bridge between Argentina and Denmark through a particular family business that presents some unique features on this side of the world.

Therefore, within this rural environment, surrounded by horses, sheep, cows and poultry, this family started to shape up this small family endeavor. Lille Gaucho has three cows and two bulls, a horse and a six cats.

In addition to the immediate environment, which includes a network of walking and riding paths, the forest, beach and port are not far away. Valby forest, R├ągeleje og Udsholt beaches, and Gilleleje port are within easy driving distance.

Lille Gaucho is a Bed & Breakfast, but it has much more to offer than a bed and a breakfast. We are prepared to receive guests for one night, a whole day or the full weekend. We offer three units (apartments). Casa Grande, La Casita and La Rusa. The only unit with full kitchen is La Rusa. There is also an event room of 100 square meters. Our rates are very competitive.

The hosts are responsible for serving.


Tornegaardsvej 2, 3200, Helsinge, Danmark

Tel.: +45 38793869 / +45 42391478

EML.: lillegaucho@gmail.com